This booklet is about haemophilia A and B. It gives a general overview of haemophilia and information on diagnosing, treating and living with the condition that we hope will answer your main questions. It has been written for people directly affected by haemophilia and for anyone interested in learning about haemophilia. If you are a parent and your child has recently been diagnosed with haemophilia you may be feeling quite overwhelmed. Remember, you’re not alone and many families are facing the same concerns and issues. Please do get in touch – we have lots of support and information available as well as services for parents and children. You can find out more via our website or Facebook pages, by emailing or calling us on 020 7939 0780. The outlook is now the best it has ever been for people with haemophilia in the UK. Scientific advances in understanding haemophilia have led to the development of safe and effective treatment. Modern treatment allows children to grow up with the opportunity of a good quality of life and every prospect of fulfilling their potential.

Understanding haemophilia - booklet


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